What does the word clean actually mean? At Sanitrol, we knowthat as professional cleaning company, we need to be on the same page with the customer about cleaning standards. Below you will find our definitions for different types of cleaning services that we provide.

  1. Floor sweeping: A satisfactory or acceptably swept floor will not have dust streaks, marks, dirt in corners, below radiators, behind doors or under furniture. Furniture or other equipment moved during sweeping will be replaced. Wall bases, equipment, doors and furniture will not be disfigured by sweeping mop or broom. After sweeping, the room will appear orderly and well attended. Sweeping may be accomplished and dirt removed by use of a vacuum cleaner, sweeping with a brush or broom, or by use of a dry or treated sweeping mop of the proper design.
  2. Damp Mopping: A satisfactory or acceptably damp mopped floor presents a clean appearance and should be free from streaks, smears, dirt, residue, and water. Damp mopping is accomplished by use of cotton mops, detergent solution and clean water.
  3. Scrubbing: A satisfactory or acceptably scrubbed floor is a floor without embedded dirt, cleaning solution, film, stains, marks or water.
  4. Polish or Wax Removal: Satisfactory or acceptable polish or wax removal is accomplished when surfaces, including wall bases, have all polish or wax removed and the surface has been rinsed with clean water, and it is clean, uniform in appearance and free of streaks, spots and standing water.
  5. Polishing or Waxing: A satisfactory or acceptably polished or waxed floor has a thin, even coating. Floor will be clean and bright in corners and under furniture as well as in all other areas. Wax or polish will be applied in a fashion so as not to come in contact with wall bases.
  6. Buffing: All waxed areas will be buffed sufficiently for maximum gloss and uniform sheen leaving no soiling or heavy marks in order for the buffing to be satisfactory or acceptable.
  7. Dusting: A satisfactory or acceptably dusted surface is free of all dust, dust streaks, lint, cobwebs, dirt, oil streaks, or stains from contact with oily dusters. The dust must be removed not scattered around the room.
  8. Plumbing Fixtures and Toilet Rooms: Acceptably cleaned toilet room fixtures and rooms have no objectionable odors. Toilet bowls; washbowls and urinals will be clean and bright without soap film. There will be no markings on walls or fixtures. Floor, wainscoting and partitions will be clean and bright. All metal fixtures and other hardware and adjacent surfaces will be clean and bright. Mirrors will be clean.
  9. Glass Cleaning: Glass is satisfactorily or acceptably cleaned when the glass surface is without streaks, film, deposits, or stains, and it has a uniformly bright appearance with all adjacent surfaces wiped clean and dry.
  10. Metal Cleaning: Metal is acceptably and satisfactorily cleaned when all surfaces are without deposits or tarnish, and it has a uniformly bright appearance with all adjacent surfaces wiped free of cleaner.
  11. Spot Cleaning: A surface adequately and acceptably spot cleaned has been substantially cleaned of recent or new dirty hand prints, coffee stains, or other.
  12. Bathroom Wall Washing: Bathroom ceramic and hard finish wall washing, to be acceptably accomplished, must be bright and clean, including joints in tile, and must be free of film, streaks, deposits and soiling.
  13. Light Fixture Cleaning: Light fixtures are acceptably and satisfactorily cleaned when all components including bulbs, shades, grilles, and tubes are free of dust, insects, dirt, lint film and streaks. All articles removed for cleaning must be replaced immediately.
  14. Vacuuming Rugs: Vacuum cleaning of rugs or carpets is acceptable and satisfactory when the surface is free or dirt, dust, stains, spots, or other deposits. When spots or stains appear, they will be removed from the rugs by the dry cleaning or dry suds method, or other approved methods, without causing damage to the carpet or rug.