Our unique service delivery approach raises the bar for commercial office cleaning services in the Boston area. The result of these office cleaning practicesincrease quality and standard of service, reduces cost and provides our property managers and building owners with the peace of mind that their assets are being maintained.

Commercial Office Cleaning in Boston for Class A Space.

At Sanitrol, we are proud of our commercial office cleaning services for our clients, and offer a suite of cleaning services including regular after hours cleaning staff, day porter service & specialized day cleaning requirements, and for specific sites, dedicated on-site supervision and management personnel. In addition, we can provide a full range of consumable and washroom services.

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Commercial Office Cleaning Testimonial.

As a building & facilities management company we manage many large multi-level buildings throughout the metropolitan area. We are always on the lookout for a reliable, consistent, hands-on commercial office cleaning company to manage the day-to-day cleaning of our buildings. After working with many different cleaning contractors, 2 years ago we contracted Sanitrol Building Maintenance to manage the day-to-day cleaning of our buildings and have never looked back. Their Operations Manager is fantastic, and they are hard working professionals, with a hands-on management approach whom most importantly, respond quickly and effectively to all issues. I can honestly recommend Sanitrol to any organization that is in need of commercial cleaning contractors in the Boston area.

- Tony C., Managing Director

Why Sanitrol?

Our employees take pride in a job well done, and know your facility as well or better than their own home. We have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. To ensure quality control, we employ site supervisors as well as area managers who inspect each site with unscheduled weekly visits. All employees are screened for your protection. They are neat in appearance and carry proper company identification.

Put in place at inception and constantly refined ever since, our quality assurance program produces consistently exemplary results for our clients. We adhere to a culture of Continuous Improvement. Our professionals are also trained in product usage and safety procedures. We work diligently to ensure that all cleaning service plan specs are performed to the highest industry standard as per . We publish a project calendar for each individual customer and use it as a key communication/reporting tool.

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